Bandwitch speed test

Our tools Bandwitch speed test, allows to test the speed of your Internet connection. Whether you are in ADSL or fiber optic, the higher your Internet speed, the better your Internet connection. When we talk about speed of connection, we talk about the speed of opening pages to a website, download speed ...

Our tool is developed in PHP and Javascript and calculates with an algorithm the speed of your connection. This test is free and takes only a few seconds. This tool to test his band pasant and compatible with ADSL, VDSL, optical fiber, cable and satellite.

Our tool to test your connection simulate a file download that is hosted on our server and gives you the results.

To have accurate results on your Internet connection, it is advisable to disable the wifi your devices (mobile phones, tablets, TV decoder ...).

Your results may vary depending on the devices connected in your home or office. It is advisable to run these tests several times a day to give you an idea about the speed of your Internet connection.

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