Connection speed test bandwidth

This tool allows to know your connection speed. At first, the test will be done on download and upload. This bandwidth test will find the server closest to you and will give you the results. Your connection speed may vary depending on the distance from your home to the dispatcher (the length of your ADSL line). Some ISPs provide you with a lot of ADSL and some less. The further your home is from the dispatcher (local to which ISPs are connected), the slower your Internet connection will be. On the other hand, the closer your home is to the dispatcher, the better your connection will be.

The connection may also vary. Someone who has a connection with optical fiber will of course have a better speed than someone who has a simple ADSL line (even if the person is further away from the dispatcher). The fiber optic connection does not use the same characteristics. The optical fiber works with light. These are small plastic tubes that let the light through and the connection speed (download and upload) is much greater. ADSL Boxes connected in ADSL use copper wire. It’s not the same technology at all.

It should be noted that the connection speed may vary depending on the number of people using the same connection. Example, you use your connection to download a file, someone else in your household plays an online video game and another person watches TV with the Internet. Of course your connection will be divided by 3. Your connection may also vary depending on the equipment connected to you. If you use a halogen lamp connected to the same socket as your ADSL box, your flow will be greatly reduced. This is why your ADSL speed may vary. We recommend that you perform several ADSL connection tests via our platform to give you an average.

Sometimes, there are several open programs on your computer that use the Internet. As a result, these software may slow down your Internet connection.

This tool to test your ADSL connection will connect to a server, this same server will query your IP address and will send « pings » for a few seconds to give you results on your connection.


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