How to have a better connection

In many cases, homes connected by fiber optics make envy. Indeed, optical fiber brings much more Internet speed than a simple ADSL connection. It should be noted that the internet connection may vary depending on many criteria.

For starters, whether you’re in DSL or fiber optic, the biggest factor in gain or loss is the length of the cable from your home to the dispatcher where all subscribers are connected. The shorter your cable, the bigger the speed and the longer the cable, the less Internet speed you will have. As I said earlier, there are several criteria. The length of the line, but also the quality of your line. It is clear that new buildings or new homes will necessarily have new generation wiring and nine. Old buildings built in 1945 have connections on copper wire very worn. So significant loss of flow.

You will tell me how to have a better connection? As a first step, check inside your telephone wall jack. Sometimes a capacitor is grafted inside. If so, you can remove it. It has not been useful for years. The capacitor is a rectangular metal part with 3 wires. See the photo below. In general, it’s pretty simple to remove, if you can not do it, ask an electrician. Once this capacitor removed, reconnect your ADSL modem and you will see your flow ramp up.

How to have a better connection

To have a better connection, check your electrical connections. It is often ignored, but electrical connections can be a factor of Internet loss. It is strongly recommended to connect your ADSL box to a single socket. It is necessary to avoid at most the multi-catch. The problem of the multi plug is that several elements are connected to it and because of this, the electric power is divided. So the flow of your box also adapts according to the electric power supplied.

Another tip for better Internet speeds: It is recommended to use an Ethernet cable whenever possible. Even if nowadays computers and tablets are equipped with more and more powerful wifi cards, nothing will match the good old Ethernet cable for a better internet speed. In general, wifi cards have (on average) a range of 100 meters. The problem is that when you are in another room, the flow is reduced because of the walls. For those who live in an apartment or a storey house, it’s even worse. If your computer is right next to your ADSL box try to connect with the Ethernet cable to increase your ADSL speed.

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