How to hide my IP address

When we connect to the Internet our ISP provide us with an IP address that identifies our computer. This IP address can also be used to access our data stored on a server. For reasons of privacy, many Internet users, you can change their IP address and become anonymous. In general, ISPs provide us with a fixed or dynamic IP address. On the list more and more of the ADSL box that has a built-in nas server. Often on these servers, there are features to encrypt the data on the transmitter to the Internet. These are usually VPN clients. In fact Internet service providers provide the software in their nas server, but do not offer the possibility of being able to the operator.

That’s why there is also the company on the Internet that offers free VPNs or pay-per-view VPNs. The advantage of VPNs is that not only can you encrypt the data you transmit over the Internet, but you can also change your IP address to an IP address for a particular country. Some people have thought that a simple free VPN will be enough to go on the Internet, but I recommend using a paid VPN. The advantage of paying VPN servers is that the connection speed is not slowed down and the encryption system is not all the same.

In general, companies that sell VPNs, offer you paid formulas monthly for a few dollars. But there are also some VPNs that you can buy with lifetime licenses. VPNs with licenses for life are a bit more expensive, but it’s still more interesting over time. To configure your integrated server to your adsl box, you will have to consult the tutorials present on Google. Sometimes these companies offer you with your subscription to a Windows or Mac software that allows you to use your VPN without knowledge.

I recommend you to use VPN Unlimited which uses powerful servers in several countries and also offers licenses for life.


How to hide my IP address


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