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The word and character counter can be very useful in some cases. When you create an article on a blog for example, it is advised to insert 300 words minimum to improve its SEO. The word counter can also be useful when you want to write a book. Sometimes publishers ask to respect the number of words per page. The word counter counts the number of words each time you write in the editor of the paragraph above. This word counter calculates the number of words in a paragraph in real time. There is no need to press a button to calculate the number of words each time. You can also import text from your word or other documents by simply copying and pasting. The word counter automatically detects the number of words imported. To ensure your confidentiality, be aware that our word counter in no way records what you write or import. It only allows you to count the number of words and characters in a paragraph. You understand, in addition to counting the number of words in a paragraph, this free tool also counts the number of characters in a paragraph. On certain social networks or on certain forums, it sometimes happens that your text is limited to a certain number of characters. This is why we wanted to add the character counter option in addition to the word counter. When you make a space, the character counter recorded 1 additional character. However, spaces are not considered words and will not be saved.

count the number of words in a paragraph

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